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        • ⚓︎  — NOTES

          I’ve spent a good chunk of this afternoon working through and tweaking and fixing some things about this website, and as much as I like 11ty, at this point I would love to be doing this work in Elm instead. A tool like elm-pages seems very appealing.

          As for why: I just spend a lot of time sad about JS sorry bro that’s undefined stuff and templates being totally type-unaware. Even something like Gatsby + TS would probably be better here, but Elm’s rigor and top-to-bottom integration of types and rendered HTML and CSS would be a huge win for the way I build websites.

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        • ⚓︎  — NOTES

          I just got curious so I looked up: Winning Slowly has published 120 episodes in the last 6 years! Sloooow but steady (as is only right 😂). Averages out to ~20/year, which is surprisingly high given the last couple years, but we were churning them out fast those first couple seasons.

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        • ⚓︎  — NOTES

          This is, perhaps, a little odd, but: one of the little things I’m most excited about with Winning Slowly right now is that — at long last, and years overdue — we’re actually doing something with Patreon. We’ve had it, and had minor benefits for it for a long time. Now we’re taking it seriously: keeping it up to date, publishing extra materials there, etc. Crazy talk, I know!

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        • ⚓︎  — NOTES

          One thing that makes me eager to upgrade to the next-gen iPad when it comes out (…and I’m actually seriously contemplating the 12.9″ this time around) is how fabulous it is to be able to do the entire workflow for things like cameras on it with just normal cables.

          It is already my default device for photo editing (Lightroom on iPad is 💯) and I think it’s going to be my default for podcast editing after having done Winning Slowly 8.03 in Ferrite. (To anyone interested in podcasting, I’d absolutely recommend Ferrite over anything else out there at this point. The experience of editing a podcast with that app and an Apple Pencil is just phenomenal.)

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        • Adieu to 2019  — JOURNAL

          A year of rest and recovery, for which I’m profoundly grateful.

        • Dark Matter  — LIBRARY

          I could not put this book down. Also, it was kind of creepy.

        • Recursion  — LIBRARY

          Blake Crouch’s latest thriller is — delightfully — about something.

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        • Writing Implements  — JOURNAL

          Sheer delight — by way of writing in a Pano Totebook with a Uniball Signo RT1 0.38mm.

      • 13

        • Endings and Edges  — JOURNAL

          Reflections prompted by Michael Sacasas’ wrapping up a decade of blogging.

      • 10

        • Red Mars  — LIBRARY

          Kim Stanley Robinson’s imagination is provocative in the best ways.

      • 08

        • Decaffeinating  — JOURNAL

          How and why I switched to mostly decaf coffee.

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