The long version.

Things are under construction around here! I decided it was better to go ahead and launch than to stay in but it’s not finished yet!” mode forever. A lot of things will look and work better over the next couple months.

Since there’s enough to get by with on the front page, I assume you’re here for the longer version, so… here we go!

First things first

Self-biographies are a bit weird. No two ways around it. But they do give us a chance to think about how we present ourselves to the world. Mine is no different.

The order is careful and the word choice precise. The first things on my personal bio — “a follower of Christ, a husband, and a dad” — are where they are because everything else on the list is both less important than those first three and profoundly informed by them.

A follower of Christ

The single most important fact of my life is that, to quote Saint Paul: I am not my own, but I was bought with a price — and that price was the death of Jesus Christ, God-the-Son, in my place.1

I am specifically a Christian in the historic Reformed tradition — aiming always to be irenic, catholic, and orthodox. We’re glad members of Forestgate Presbyterian Church in Northern Colorado Springs, where I serve in various lay leadership roles.

A husband and a dad

After following Christ, my family is far and away the most important part of my life. Jaimie and I got married in July 2009, and our daughters Elayne and Kate were born in May 2012 and May 2014.

(This site focuses on my public thinking; for occasional family updates see Not a Hint of Hyperbole.)

By trade: a software engineer

Since graduating college, I have been working more or less full-time in the software industry — starting out writing avionics software and then hazards and risk mitigation software for the energy industry, whiel picking up web development on the side and eventually transitioning into web development full time. You can see my C.V. for the nitty-gritty professional-historical details! Below are just the salient bits of what I’m doing right now.


I’m currently a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn, working on front-end infrastructure for what most people think of when you say LinkedIn: the app you sign into, send messages and read updates on, etc. I’m currently getting us up to date on the latest version of our core dependency: Ember.js. I also regularly work closely with a number of the Ember core team members on design of upcoming features, and since 2017 (well before I joined LinkedIn) I have been one of several people driving forward TypeScript adoption in the Ember community.

Side projects

I am also working on a long-term side project, under the working title rewrite. The goal is to build a best-in class research-oriented writing environment — with native and web user interfaces: macOS and iOS and web first, someday hopefully also Windows. See the website for details and a newsletter for updates along the way!

By hobby

A writer

A podcaster

An occasional composer

By vocation

  1. Paul was writing specifically about sexual immorality — but the form of his argument is to ground that specific injunction in a very sweeping, indeed a totalizing, claim about the Christian life. ↩︎