I’d love to appear on your podcast or speak at your conference!

I’ve been podcasting since 2014 and have spoken at a number of conferences since 2015. (See below for some of the talks I’ve given over the years!) I am equally happy having off-the-cuff discussions and giving deeply-prepared presentations.

picture of Chris gesturing
Speaking at All Things Open 2019

I enjoy talking about a variety of subjects:

  • software development, including (but not limited to):
    • open source software
    • programming languages, especially Rust and TypeScript
    • teams and culture
    • software infrastructure at scale, especially in front-end web contexts
  • technology, tech criticism, and tech ethics
  • Christianity
  • mental health
  • the intersection of any or all of these

If those sound interesting to you, I’d love to be on your show or speak at your conference! I have a top-notch recording setup with excellent audio and video equipment, so I can deliver a high-quality experience remotely as well as in person.


Time: For podcasts or panel discussions, please give me at least of a month of notice so I can coordinate it with my family and fit it into my work schedule. For talks, I need at least two months’ notice so I can deliver a quality presentation and (for in-person events) coordinate travel with my family and work.

Honoraria: I currently do not accept honoraria. Please direct any money allocated to speaker fees to a non-profit or charity instead.

Diversity: I will not appear at conferences without reasonably diverse slates of speakers. What that means will differ appropriately by location: the demographics of northern Europe and the demographics of the American South are different. But you should have as close as possible to an even number of men and women speaking, and you should be aiming for your speakers to be representative of your local culture — not just of your programming community. (If a programming community is 99% people who are just like me, that probably isn’t healthy!) If you have doubts about the makeup of your conference, feel free to get in touch to discuss it.

Past Talks

A sample of my talks, podcast appearances, and workshops: