God’s self-commitment to creatures

Assumed audience: Theologically-orthodox Christians, or folks interested in things that theologically-orthodox Christians think.

On one side is God’s self-commitment to creatures. In creating, God is self-committed to the being and well-being of creatures precisely as ontologically other than God. That self-commitment is radically free. What is created does not obtain prior to or apart from Gods relating to it in creative love. Hence it is in no position to earn or to exact this active relating from God. God’s active relating has the status of a free giving, and what God creates has the status of a gift, precisely because it is the effect of an act of unexacted and unearned love. What God creates in affectionate and just attention, God values. What God values, God is self-committed to sustain and nurture. God keeps such commitments, not because having created them, God owes it to creatures to keep faith with them, but more basically because God is self-consistently faithful in loving, first to Godself and then to the beloved. That is, God is utterly trustworthy in God’s self-determining self-commitments to creatures.

 — David H. Kelsey, Eccentric Existence: A Theological Anthropology, p. 164