Blog-Gardening in Public

I have just added a new feature to this site: it now includes an In Progress section on the home page, which links to posts and essays which I am publishing while they are still drafts. The first of these is an essay I am slowly building up about feeds (RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, etc.) and their poor fit for blog-gardens. It was, in fact, the act of writing this particular essay which prompted me to make this change: it is a way of putting my money where my mouth is.

By definition, these kinds of works-in-progress are just works in progress. You should expect them to change, sometimes very substantially, from the time they first appear on the site. They will continue not to appear in the feeds for the site (though, as the essay suggests, I have ideas on how to handle that!) until I deem them ready to be published” — that is, when they are no longer drafts but things I am committing to… though not necessarily things I will commit not to change!

This also does not, of course, commit me to publishing all such drafts this way, nor to publishing any draft at any given stage of publishing. It just gives me a tool for working in public when I think that is the right move!