Lone Cactus

New Mexico Vacation, Day 6: compensating for mid-day lighting to share a glimpse of this lonely/lovely plant.

I spent the whole of my short (~1-mile) hike working on my photography skills and figuring out a bunch of things (such as: if you want a sense of depth to a shot of a trail, don’t use a 20mm lens 😅). And then, a third of the way back from my turnaround point, I saw this and said: huh! And then a second huh when I went to review the photo: I caught (in motion!) a fly buzzing past.

In sum: a bunch of my experiments on the rest of the walk paid off in this shot (mid-day sun notwithstanding)!

Sony α7R IV and Sony FE 20mm 𝑓/1.8 G
𝑓/2.0, 1/500s, ISO 100
(see it full size on Unsplash)

I am backdating these posts to correspond with the days I shot these photos. Thursday’s photo-posting time was replaced with my weekly (remote) D&D session; Friday’s with packing up to drive home; and Saturday’s with, well, getting home.