Composing a Fanfare for Crew Dragon: Day 7

Memorial Day and Thursday night progress…

Assumed audience: Anyone interested in the process of writing composed music.

Although I failed to post about it (because we got busy doing other things), I did make more progress on this fanfare on Memorial Day. Sadly, I did not make any further progress after that and before the scheduled Crew Demo 2 launch… but it got scrubbed because there was too much electrical energy in the air. (Nobody wants a repeat of the time Apollo 12 got struck by lightning and experienced a brownout on its electrical circuits!)

I sat back down with the score tonight and made some tweaks to what I had done by the end of the day Monday, filled out a bunch of the orchestration, and then worked out another 8 seconds worth of music. Yes, just 8 seconds! With full orchestration, this stuff takes a while — at least for me.1

At this point, it’s getting down to the home stretch. The orchestration in this final section is thickening out just the way I wanted; I’ve managed roughly the amount of thematic variation and development I was hoping for; it’s building to the climax (and I know roughly how that should work). If I work really hard tomorrow and Saturday morning in between other things… maybe I’ll finish it by the time they actually launch on Saturday.

Without further ado, here’s what I have as of tonight!

getting close to the end now… (read the score)


  1. I’m sure that people who do this for a living can do it far faster than I can! I also have to say: Dorico makes this work go quicker than Sibelius ever did, but I’m definitely still developing the muscle memory for it! ↩︎