Feature Idea: Week-Level Smart Training Plans

Training (at my level, anyway) is less about individual day-to-day work and more about what I do each week. The tools should support that!

Assumed audience: Other at-least-somewhat-serious athletes (amateur or not).

Lots of tools have training plans, and some let you build your own… but all of them do the planning on a per-day basis. What I want instead: a plan which tracks workouts by week instead, and marks them completed when you do them any time that week. (I’m currently hacking this with a Numbers spreadsheet. 😭)

Why: It does matter that I do my planned race pace” hard workout this week. It doesn’t much matter, though, what day it happens. It just needs to be between today and Thursday to allow recovery for a long run on Saturday… and I am sure as heck going to decide which day to do it based on the weather. (Not doing it in the forecasted snow tomorrow!)

Garmin’s current week-level planning tool. It’s… fine.

Sure, I can update the Garmin Connect Calendar to shuffle things around every day, but… that’s annoying. I want instead to be able to just select a workout from the list I built for the week when I start a run and go. (Or better: not have to select it and have the app be smart enough to automatically mark it as completed if you do a run matching its parameters for things like base training runs and rides!)