The Best Brewery I Visited in ABQ

New Mexico Vacation, Day 7: the bar at High and Dry Brewing.

Of all the breweries I hit in Albuquerque — a town increasingly well-known for its breweries — High and Dry had the best beer: both by variety of selection and by taste. The interior was top-notch, as well!

iPhone 12 Mini 14mm 𝑓/1.6
𝑓/2.4, 1/15s, ISO 640
(see it full size on Unsplash)

I am backdating these posts to correspond with the days I shot these photos. Thursday’s photo-posting time was replaced with my weekly (remote) D&D session; Friday’s with packing up to drive home; and Saturday’s with, well, getting home.

Also, courtesy of a dumb mistake called leaving my extra battery at home” I ended up shooting the last two days of the week on my iPhone 12. Happily, it’s a great camera; a couple of the earlier days in the week came from that camera anyway.