the mixed moral qualities of any age

In which Eric Gregory makes it clear that this book is extremely for me.

Assumed Audience: Little-o’ orthodox Christians interested in political theology, or others curious about what a healthier (because more robustly!) Christian political theology might look like.

My admittedly more low-flying project focuses on the motivational structure of an ethic: of citizenship. But it does not retreat from conflicting stories about human nature, the world, and God that characterizes some of these disputes. This inquiry, which finds Augustinianism both within and against modernity, may be less dramatic than grand narratives of declension or progress. Such narratives, however, are inconsistent with an Augustinian sensibility about the mixed moral qualities of any age and the need to always remain open to the gifts that others might bear.

 — Eric Gregory, Politics & The Order of Love: An Augustinian Ethic of Democratic Citizenship, p. 59