Praising God

Two quotes from a John Webster sermon of the same title: on worship, and the one worshipped.

Assumed audience: Theologically-orthodox Christians, or folks interested in things that theologically-orthodox Christians think.

Worship is acknowledgement. It is recognition of the absolute superabundance and the limitless majesty of God. Worship is without measure, because God without measure; there can be no end to our praises, for there is no end to the divine glory. Worship recognizes the supreme worth of God. It is the astounded cry which is drawn from us when we know ourselves to be in the presence of the one who sums up in himself all goodness, all truth and all beauty. Worship is the repetition and celebration of the utter fullness and aliveness and holiness of God. In the end, worship says only one thing: God is God. God is this one, supremely great. Worship doesn’t ascribe anything to God; it is not a statement of the value that we think God has. Nor is it flattery, hoping somehow to win favors. Worship acclaims that from all eternity, in all his ways and works, God is the perfect one.

 — “Praising God,” in Confronted by Grace: Meditations of a Theologian, John Webster, p. 106

This God — the great one, the one beyond compare, the God of creation and providence — is our God. He is the rock of our salvation. He is not mere cause or force, not simply infinite power. He is God with us and for us and so. astonishing as it must seem-our God. And so, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!” ([Psalm] 95:6).

 — ibid., p. 107