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      • 29

        • 16:41 — NOTES

          I really, really wish GitHub had a slightly lower entry point for Teams/Organizations. I’d like to do everything for rewrite in a single organization on GitHub, rather than all under … but $25/month is frankly kind of steep for one developer. I’d be happy paying $10/month for just organization management, with the jump to $25 for supporting multiple developers. As is, though… GitLab looks appealing, whatever its other weaknesses.

    • Mar

      • 05

        • 14:35 — NOTES

          One of the critical things Jira gets wrong — besides just generally having pretty bad information architecture — is that it treats issues as a tree instead of a graph. But that’s often not how projects and tasks actually relate to each other!

      • 08

        • 16:13 — NOTES

          Quick Git tip: if you’ve manually edited your Git configuration file and removed a given remote, you may find yourself in a spot where you now have a bunch of branches associated with that remote… which you cannot delete. The only way (I could find) out of this problem was to re-add the remote, and then run git remote rm <the name of the remote>. That deleted the remote and all the references to its branches

        • 19:42 — NOTES

          Status: working on figuring out how to wire up Elm and Rust-via-WebAssembly using webpack. I’ve spent the last four years in Ember and before that I was wiring up Gulp. So this is new. 😅

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        • 10:15 — NOTES

          TypeScript: it’s regularly absurd or weird, and I am frustrated regularly by so many things about the type system… but nearly all of them come down in practice to this works this way because JavaScript and JavaScript developers.”

      • 13

        • 08:11 — NOTES

          Last night I threw away almost all the build config I’d been blinded by this spring while working on rewrite: webpack config, TypeScript integration, you name it. What I have left: a simple bunch of npm scripts that I can run in parallel in different terminal sessions:

            "scripts": {
              "clean": "rm -rf dist/*",
              "build:static": "cp static/* dist",
              "build:css": "sass --load-path=./node_modules src/style.scss dist/style.css",
              "watch:css": "sass --watch --load-path=./node_modules src/style.scss dist/style.css",
              "build:elm": "elm make src/Main.elm --output dist/app.js",
              "watch:elm": "watchexec -w src 'elm make src/Main.elm --output dist/app.js'"

          It’s not fancy, but it gets the job done just fine for the things I’m actually working on — rather than things I’ll need eventually — and that’s exacty the right balance at this point.

        • mut (and set) and autotracking in Ember Octane  — JOURNAL

          Understanding a surprising behavior — and fixing a refactoring hazard.

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    • Jun

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      • 19

        • 13:00 — NOTES

          Honestly, seriously wrestling with the fact that I’ve made a little progress on the rewrite web app this year and no progress on the iOS app this year. How the heck am I ever going to finish this thing at this rate?

        • 17:00 — NOTES

          I was hoping for a pleasant afternoon implementing a markdown-it plugin for line blocks” to support poetry. It was… not a pleasant afternoon.

          markdown-it is fast, but between its API design (:shudder:) and its mostly-missing docs (:sigh:) it’s terrible to work with. I quit.

      • 27

        • 18:25 — NOTES

          This year’s updates to SwiftUI have me actually a little happy I didn’t make more progress on rewrite over the last year. The story is much, much more complete and robust. Hopefully I can use it to build that much more quickly this year.

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        • 08:13 — NOTES

          I do believe my weekend adventures in Prolog slightly broke me. I keep trying to end statements in JavaScript this morning with periods instead of semicolons. 😂

    • Dec

      • 06

        • 13:28 — NOTES

          I built a tiny tool to delete all my old tweets, since previous passes via online apps weren’t doing the trick (something something Twitter API limitations). Was a fun little exercise!

      • 08

        • 09:22 — NOTES

          A serious risk for large engineering organizations: turning their senior engineers into TPMs. Don’t do this!

      • 22

      • 30

        • 19:40 — NOTES

          I’m building a tiny bit of JS functionality for my website and… working without a component system is awful. 😂

      • 31

        • 09:59 — NOTES

          Recent discovery: git worktree is a super handy tool for working on multiple branches in parallel without needing separate clones of the whole repository. Lighter weight and therefore faster!

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