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        • 13:20 — NOTES

          One thing that makes me eager to upgrade to the next-gen iPad when it comes out (…and I’m actually seriously contemplating the 12.9″ this time around) is how fabulous it is to be able to do the entire workflow for things like cameras on it with just normal cables.

          It is already my default device for photo editing (Lightroom on iPad is 💯) and I think it’s going to be my default for podcast editing after having done Winning Slowly 8.03 in Ferrite. (To anyone interested in podcasting, I’d absolutely recommend Ferrite over anything else out there at this point. The experience of editing a podcast with that app and an Apple Pencil is just phenomenal.)

    • May

      • 02

        • 19:35 — NOTES

          Things fancy cameras cannot help with: setting your 𝑓-stop too low so you don’t get everyone in focus.

      • 17

        • 19:01 — NOTES

          Lightroom CC needs an update to work with the new iPad Magic Keyboard and trackpad. Once it has that, it’ll be down to one or two features to be hands-down better than the desktop version. (Which is pretty astounding, if you think about it!)

    • Oct

      • 12

        • 19:58 — NOTES

          After spending a year in aperture priority, I finally graduated this evening to manual mode with automatic ISO. It’s lovely. (And the Sony α7R IV, which I first tried out via rental exactly a year ago, is still just the best.)

      • 27

        • 16:22 — NOTES

          Today I set up my camera as a camera for using the just-released software support for it. Two observations:

          1. It works really well!
          2. I had no idea just how wide the lenses on the built-in webcams are until I set this up a foot away from me with a 35mm lens. 😅
    • Dec

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        • 12:44↩︎ —  — NOTES

          I just posted my roughly-annual entry to our family blog — with pictures and lots of little updates from the year.

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