2022 in Review

Just how this year went, for good and for ill.

2022 was not the year I expected, and therefore not — at all — the year I hoped for. I would not go so far as to call it a bad year, but it was a horrendously difficult year, and those difficulties meant that nothing I planned for this year went much like I hoped.

In the interest of making my end-of-year reflections a bit more approachable, I am breaking them up into a short series. Each post will be a few hundred words, at most a little over a thousand. Hopefully that will make it more readable than the 4,200-word behemoth I published last year; hopefully it was also make it easier for you to dive in and out as you like. It also means I can publish this incrementally as I finish each post and section over the next few days.

I hope the various pieces and parts of this I publish in the next few days are interesting and illuminating!