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        • 09:25 — NOTES

          Status: taking a few minutes this morning to set up some tools to make it trivial to start dedicated reading and writing times with distraction-blocking across devices. Hoping a little investment here up front will end up paying off over the course of the whole year. 😅

      • 09

        • 19:04 — NOTES

          I have been using Raycast for my macOS launcher over the past few days (after having bounced back and forth between Spotlight and Alfred for the last decade). I am extremely sold: this is great. Snappy, good defaults, and extensibility? ✅

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      • 15

        • 18:53 — NOTES

          I have known that clipboard history was a thing for ages. Until switching to Raycast from Alfred, though, it had never stuck. Now, just a week in, I don’t know how I ever worked without it; I felt positively hobbled on my iPad this evening. 😂