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Everything I’ve written on the subject, from the beginning of this version of the site.

I may also have written on this on earlier versions of my website:

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  2. did not have a blog!
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  • 2020

    • Mar

      • 08

        • 19:42 — NOTES

          Status: working on figuring out how to wire up Elm and Rust-via-WebAssembly using webpack. I’ve spent the last four years in Ember and before that I was wiring up Gulp. So this is new. 😅

    • Apr

      • 28

        • 21:07 — NOTES

          Apologies to folks who just got a bunch of posts in their feeds again. I finally figured out how to get Eleventy to treat my post dates correctly.

    • May

    • Jun

      • 19

        • 13:00 — NOTES

          Honestly, seriously wrestling with the fact that I’ve made a little progress on the rewrite web app this year and no progress on the iOS app this year. How the heck am I ever going to finish this thing at this rate?

    • Jul

      • 18

        • 07:12 — NOTES

          As I’ve been working working to build this site into something flexible and robust enough to handle all the kinds of things I want to do with it, I keep coming back to wanting to be able to define custom content types, and to easily compose them together. Markdown is great as a text authoring format, but it’s not rich enough for many things we do.

    • Aug

      • 17

      • 19

        • 21:06 — NOTES

          Almost fifteen years since the first time I encountered an RSS feed (and therewith XML), I actually spent the time tonight to learn what <![CDATA[...]]> is.

          Related: I believe I have (finally!) finished fixing my Atom feed output all the way. 😅

      • 21

        • 16:35 — NOTES

          We really, really need server-side template languages to catch up to, you know, 2014, where components are a thing and you can do this:

          <Quote @src={{}} @loc='p. 123'>
          Look ma! Content *within* a *component*!

          Nunjucks/Jinja macros are the closest I’ve seen and… they’re not even close in terms of expressivity. This is why people build things with React/Vue/Ember/etc. just for server-side stuff: because the DX is miles ahead.

      • 22

        • 11:27 — NOTES

          A reader replied to my previous note and informed me that Laravel’s Blade templates have components with slots” built in. Good for Blade! Now we just need everybody else to catch up…

      • 28

    • Sep

    • Oct

      • 06

      • 11

        • 17:30 — NOTES

          What I actually want for my website: an opinionated(-but-matches-my-opinions, of course) site generator written in Rust which acts like a static site generator but has a tiny server with a tiny CMS and uses Glimmer for its templating engine.

      • 22

        • 10:23 — NOTES

          Yesterday I started converting a small utility app from a jQuery+Node setup to an Ember Octane app — with TypeScript, of course! — which we could deploy statically via simple static hosting a la GitHub Pages or whatever… and it’s a really good experience.

      • 24

    • Nov

      • 25

        • 10:09 — NOTES

          Just set up scheduled builds for this site using Netlify and GitHub Actions (following this handy guide) so that I can schedule drafts for the future and have them go live automatically.1 It’s pretty astounding how great these kinds of free tools are at this point.

          1. I know, this comes for free with WordPress, Ghost, etc. I like my static site generator, though: no server to manage is a big win. ↩︎

    • Dec

      • 30

        • 19:40 — NOTES

          I’m building a tiny bit of JS functionality for my website and… working without a component system is awful. 😂

  • 2021

    • Jun

      • 04

        • 09:18 — NOTES

          Spent a few minutes this morning tweaking feed generation on my website — again:

          • capping at 25 items, for the sake of tools which have reasonable size limits (like’s unofficial 1MB cap)
          • fixing — permanently — the ordering problem I’ve had off and on
    • Jul

      • 12

        • 13:15 — NOTES

          It occurs to me that if I had spent as much time working on lx as I have fighting with 11ty, it would exist and be exactly what I want.

          Resolved: to constantly-if-slowly scratch that itch so I can eventually just throw away my 11ty-based setup.

    • Aug

      • 06

      • 11

        • 20:18 — NOTES

          A small detail I really appreciate about Doricos documentation: consistent use of good semantic HTML markup! Props to Lillie Harris as well as to the Steinberg folks who make sure their tools generate good markup.

      • 24

        • 11:31 — NOTES

          I’m curious: what are the most interesting/important ideas in computer science research you know of which is directly or indirectly relevant to user interfaces and so far has no real uptake on the web?

    • Sep

      • 06

        • 14:13 — NOTES

          Just fixed a bunch of readability and related accessibility issues on my friend’s church plant’s website.

          This is the way.

      • 18

        • 15:38 — NOTES

          Needed to update the server behind today (something about old PHP versions and being a good internet citizen). Terminal-only was… fine… but painful. So I set up VS Code Remote on the Linode server — it took ~2 minutes — and had all my normal editor tools available. 🔥

    • Oct