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        • 08:13 — NOTES

          GitHub desperately needs better tools for conversations on issues, pull requests, etc. The new Discussions are a good start — but not enough. Give us threading, for goodness’ sake!

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        • 12:50 — NOTES

          On the defense (mounted too often) of someone’s ill behavior online that I know this person in real life and he’s not like this”: the internet is part of real life and what you do online is inescapably a part of your character.

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        • 21:30 — NOTES

          Just finished reading Zeynep Tüfeçki’s utterly masterful Twitter and Tear Gas. The book is astonishing. It gave me better frames for thinking about a great many things I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, and it is a masterful work of academic scholarship presented in a way that just about anyone could read.

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        • 22:13 — NOTES

          Did my civic duty and voted this evening. One takeaway: there is an enormous gap in information about local politics. (Good luck finding out anything about a county judge’s record without just reading the court records yourself.) The internet effectively killed the previous version of local newspapers, and their replacement has yet to appear.

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        • Reluctantly Returning to Social Media — JOURNAL

          I have to be on social media professionally… but I don’t have to live there.

        • 16:32 — NOTES

          Cleaning up my Twitter follows list (cutting it from ~500 to ~50 tops) is a kind of hilarious way of seeing my own personal history reflected in the timeline of who I followed when. 😂

      • 06

        • 13:28 — NOTES

          I built a tiny tool to delete all my old tweets, since previous passes via online apps weren’t doing the trick (something something Twitter API limitations). Was a fun little exercise!

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        • 20:20 — NOTES

          Word to the wise: put your phone away. As awful as today’s events were, your doomscrolling isn’t going to change a thing. God is still sovereign. So pray a bit and then go to sleep.

      • 19

        • 13:47↩︎ —  — NOTES

          This piece by Michael Sacasas on last week’s failed insurrection takes a somewhat grimmer outlook than I do in the end, but his analysis is nonetheless illuminating. Worth your time to read the whole thing.

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        • 10:57 — NOTES

          Glass — 

          • is genuinely beautiful
          • (so far!) commits one of Instagram’s sins: no iPad app
          • has a good business model
          • isn’t really amenable to POSSE, alas

          Net: I’ll probably be using it, and enjoying it, but my own site will remain home” for all my work.

    • Nov

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        • 15:40↩︎ —  — NOTES

          Pretty sure this piece from Michael Sacasas is the only thing on Frances Haugen’s Facebook testimony you’ll find which also meditates on the Iliad and Simone Weil. Worth a read!