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  • 2020

    • Mar

      • 01

        • 14:33 — NOTES

          Zig is the first language that I’ve seen which seems interested in seriously playing in the same space as Rust.

          And it does it in a substantially different way, which I like! It feels (reading docs) kind of like a doing the kinds of things Rust does but with C instead of C++ as its direct competitor.”

        • 18:09 — NOTES

          After digging in further: Zig is not doing quite what Rust is. It is an updated C, which eliminates some of the worst foot-guns, but fundamentally does not try to eliminate memory-unsafety… which profoundly disappoints me, even if I still wish Zig success.

      • 08

        • 19:42 — NOTES

          Status: working on figuring out how to wire up Elm and Rust-via-WebAssembly using webpack. I’ve spent the last four years in Ember and before that I was wiring up Gulp. So this is new. 😅

    • Apr

    • Oct

      • 11

        • 17:30 — NOTES

          What I actually want for my website: an opinionated(-but-matches-my-opinions, of course) site generator written in Rust which acts like a static site generator but has a tiny server with a tiny CMS and uses Glimmer for its templating engine.

  • 2021

    • Jan

      • 14

        • 20:12 — NOTES

          How I spent a last chunk of my evening: messing around and seeing just how much faster Rust is than Node, by implementing an identical (dumb) algorithm” in each — and then mucking with it to see where the optimizer can cheat. (About 10× faster for this particularly dumb loop.)

    • Feb

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      • 31

        • Keep It Local — ELSEWHERE

          Or: (part of) what reasoning about your code” really means; being my EmberConf 2021 talk.

    • Jul

      • 29

        • 11:25 — NOTES

          The clippy lint tool for Rust is just so good. I learn so many things from it, and my code gets so much better by way of using it.