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        • 14:33 — NOTES

          Zig is the first language that I’ve seen which seems interested in seriously playing in the same space as Rust.

          And it does it in a substantially different way, which I like! It feels (reading docs) kind of like a doing the kinds of things Rust does but with C instead of C++ as its direct competitor.”

        • 18:09 — NOTES

          After digging in further: Zig is not doing quite what Rust is. It is an updated C, which eliminates some of the worst foot-guns, but fundamentally does not try to eliminate memory-unsafety… which profoundly disappoints me, even if I still wish Zig success.

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        • 17:36 — NOTES

          Finally decided to pick Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. I guess I’m finally going to have to spend more than twenty minutes with Ruby. 😅 (I’m mostly excited about Prolog, Clojure, and Haskell.)

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        • 08:13 — NOTES

          I do believe my weekend adventures in Prolog slightly broke me. I keep trying to end statements in JavaScript this morning with periods instead of semicolons. 😂

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