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        • 11:01 — NOTES

          Getting ready to upgrade my main machine to macOS 11. First things first, though: I have a ton of musical scores in Sibelius format, I’ve since moved to Dorico, and my old version of Sibelius doesn’t launch on Big Sur. So: spending my morning exporting everything to .mxl.

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        • 08:18 — NOTES

          While I understand what Apple is trying to do with increased security for Macs, I am getting fed up. My work machines don’t allow changing the Security & Privacy settings… so I simply cannot use tools like @RogueAmoeba’s Audio Hijack on Big Sur. heavy sigh

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        • 14:37 — NOTES

          I just discovered MailMate (@mailmateapp), and I think it may just have been designed specifically for me and no one else. 😂