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        • 09:42 — NOTES

          I can’t really listen to podcasts or watch talks and work at the same time. I also can’t watch talks and walk or run at the same time. What I can do is listen to talks and walk or run at the same time. But there are a lot of great talks I want to learn from!

          Solution: youtube-dl plus Overcast Premium’s file uploads feature. Boom.

        • 21:06 — NOTES

          Almost fifteen years since the first time I encountered an RSS feed (and therewith XML), I actually spent the time tonight to learn what <![CDATA[...]]> is.

          Related: I believe I have (finally!) finished fixing my Atom feed output all the way. 😅

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        • 10:03 — NOTES

          Learned how to use the INDEX and MATCH functions in spreadsheets this morning. I’m always amazed at how powerful spreadsheets are — and all with relatively simple tools.

        • 21:30 — NOTES

          Just finished reading Zeynep Tüfeçki’s utterly masterful Twitter and Tear Gas. The book is astonishing. It gave me better frames for thinking about a great many things I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, and it is a masterful work of academic scholarship presented in a way that just about anyone could read.

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        • 11:42 — NOTES

          After thinking about it off and on for years, I’m finally giving Anki a try as a tool for learning things. Will report back on how it’s going in a few months!

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        • 20:53 — NOTES

          This comes just a few days, not a few months, in my picking up Anki, but I wanted to report because: so far I really like it! I’ve been using it to pick back up my Greek and Hebrew as well as to learn new things (like set and category theory), and it’s good.

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        • 16:01 — NOTES

          When you start reading an introductory tutorial with a section title like <some topic> in a Nutshell”… and the third paragraph is about ⅔ incomprehensible to you. 😅 Time to go see if I can get my head at least a little bit around how functor modules work in OCaml. (And yes: put the relevant bits into Anki!)

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        • 08:07 — NOTES

          As I’m slowly working through my notes — recently exported from Bear and into Obsidian — I see three issues:

          • not enough links and connective tissue
          • too much collection” (esp. from books) without analysis or synthesis
          • too many tags!