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  • 2020

    • Mar

      • 21

        • 17:21 — NOTES

          Perhaps the single most-broken thing in iOS’ Files app: the fact that you cannot specify a default app to open a file in. An arbitrary app wins. It’s infuriating.

    • Jul

      • 16

        • 12:30 — NOTES

          A thing about Apple Music that I absolutely hate: when you click Play on a recommended album or playlist, it changes the other recommendations. What if I wanted to try more than one of these?

      • 28

        • 18:40 — NOTES

          Got our daughters iPods Nano — pre-touch screen! — and it’s delightful to watch them learn how to use this old” technology.

    • Oct

      • 13

        • 20:15 — NOTES

          The iPhone 12: in which Apple finally returns to the best form factor the phone ever had. (And the Mini is closest to its best incarnation: the original SE.)

      • 24

        • 10:33 — NOTES

          I continue to hold out hope that Apple will ship a 14″ laptop redesign akin to the 16″ they released last year — perhaps with the ARM transition. I love my 13″… but it’s just a hint too small.

      • 25

        • 15:07 — NOTES

          I’d love to see Apple put its money where its mouth is on privacy and human rights: iOS 15 should make it straightforward (even if not the default) to install apps from outside the App Store. Repressive regimes would hate it.

      • 27

        • 16:22 — NOTES

          Today I set up my camera as a camera for using the just-released software support for it. Two observations:

          1. It works really well!
          2. I had no idea just how wide the lenses on the built-in webcams are until I set this up a foot away from me with a 35mm lens. 😅
    • Nov

      • 13

        • 12:29 — NOTES

          The iPhone 12 Mini is slightly larger than the old 5/5S/SE line, but in the hand it feels the same. It’s wonderful.

      • 15

        • 19:55 — NOTES

          Per the Geekbench scores, the new MacBook Air is about 65% faster in single-core and 75% faster in multi-core operations than my maxed-out 27″ iMac from early 2016. 🤯 Absolutely bonkers.

    • Dec

      • 18

        • 08:18 — NOTES

          While I understand what Apple is trying to do with increased security for Macs, I am getting fed up. My work machines don’t allow changing the Security & Privacy settings… so I simply cannot use tools like @RogueAmoeba’s Audio Hijack on Big Sur. heavy sigh

      • 20

        • 14:37 — NOTES

          I just discovered MailMate (@mailmateapp), and I think it may just have been designed specifically for me and no one else. 😂

      • 27

        • 18:36 — NOTES

          Dear Apple: would it have killed you to include a headphone port on the iPad Pro? Using it for music production would be a lot easier if you had.

          cables, ugh
  • 2021

    • Jan

      • 18

        • 09:44 — NOTES

          Status: not far from the point where I just sell my iMac in favor of running a 5k monitor off of my M1 MacBook Air, which is literally twice as fast.

          Only thing holding me back is RAM, which does matter for large music productions.

      • 26

        • 15:15↩︎ —  — NOTES

          One of the very strongest arguments for ending the App Store monopsony — that it is by definition user-hostile precisely on security and privacy:

          The mere existence of such a killswitch is a moral hazard. If you can cut off your users’ privacy  —  or their tools that improve competition or undo lock-in  —  then you invite others to demand that these tools be used to their advantage. The fact that Apple devices are designed to prevent users from overriding the company’s veto over their computing makes it inevitable that some gov­ernment will demand that this veto be exercised in their favor. After all, the Chinese government wasn’t the first state to demand that Apple expose its customers to surveillance  —  that was the Obama administration, which sought a back-door for Apple’s devices in order to investigate the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Apple resisted the US government demands, something it was able to do because the US constitution constrained the government’s ability to compel action. China faces no such constraint.…

          That means that any government that orders Apple to use its killswitches to achieve its goals knows that Apple’s customers will be helpless before such an order.

          On the other hand, what if Apple  —  by design  —  made [it] possible for users to override its killswitches?

           — Cory Doctorow, Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor
    • Feb

      • 23

        • 20:22 — NOTES

          The slightly bonkers feeling of opening a large Dorico project on my M1 MacBook Air… and it being noticeably smoother and faster on the Rosetta build than it is on my late 2015 (and then-top-of-the-line) iMac. 🤯 Imagining the native speed and an M1X etc…

    • Mar

    • Jul

      • 12

        • 07:55 — NOTES

          I really wish iOS and iPadOS actually followed Apple’s much-discussed but too-little-practiced design mantra of progressive disclosure of complexity.” Maybe lots of users don’t need fine-grained control over storage, at least to start. But many will over time, so let them get to it when they need it!

    • Sep

      • 15

        • 07:55 — NOTES

          A small thing I desperately wish the network settings on macOS and iOS supported: only choosing a given wifi network when in specific locations. Will I sometimes use Xfinity hotspots when out? Yes. At home? Literally never. (The network order preference doesn’t work 100%. Alas.)

    • Oct

      • 18

        • 19:21 — NOTES

          Why yes, I am wiping my M1 MacBook Air and prepping it for trade-in; how did you know?

    • Nov

      • 06

        • 16:44↩︎ —  — NOTES

          Hello” indeed. 🤩

        • 21:20 — NOTES

          Full Rust release build of Volta:

          • maxed-out late-2015 iMac, 4 GHz quad-core i7/64GB RAM: 1m 29s
          • my old M1 Air: 55s
          • new 14″ M1 Max/64GB RAM: 29s

          So: 3× faster than my iMac, almost 2× the M1 Air. (More perf cores matters.) 🤯

      • 07

        • 13:53 — NOTES

          Of interest: I checked the same build I mentioned yesterday my work iMac (5k/2019/3.6 GHz 8-core i9/64GB RAM). It did this build in ~52s. So my old M1 Air was just a hair slower than it was… and the new 14″ MacBook Pro trounces it.

        • 17:05 — NOTES

          In the weird things I happen to knock out while migrating from my old machine to my new machine” bucket: Run With Me is back up and working. 😂

          Who knows, maybe I’ll start recording again once I’m over COVID! Post-COVID spring training in 2022 could be a fun topic.

      • 11

        • 07:20 — NOTES

          Pro tip for triggering a good old beach ball on a shiny new M1 Max MacBook Pro (but not for that long, considering):

          Open a large orchestral score in Dorico and then apply the Spitfire BBC SO Pro playback template to it. 😂

          (To be clear: the results here are incredible, though — it just goes. Effortlessly. I can’t wait to see what it’s like running the Apple Silicon-native versions of these as they come out in the next few months.)

      • 26

        • 13:44 — NOTES

          Just got to take advantage of the ability to use iPad software on a Mac for the first time: Jaimie was able to just open the Shutterfly app on our family iMac. That is, in fact, pretty cool — whatever the limitations.

        • 14:09 — NOTES

          Extremely fun Thanksgiving presents: Spitfire’s BBC Symphony Orchestra and Arturia’s Analog Lab V and Piano V2 instruments shipped Apple Silicon support. 🎉

      • 28

        • 14:03 — NOTES

          Even being only an amateur photographer who mostly takes photos of family events, the fact that the new MacBook Pros have SD card slots and are ridiculously fast when working in Lightroom CC has made a really big difference for me.

        • 15:24 — NOTES

          Okay, this is the first time this has ever happened, but: searching in the Mac App Store for mp3 tag editor” got me infinitely better results than a web search. What universe do we live in?

    • Dec

      • 15

        • 09:09 — NOTES

          Why in the world does Shortcuts on macOS not default to using UTF-8 and get confused if there are any Unicode characters in it? So strange. (Also, would it kill them to make work for the Done flow on actions like every Mac app ever?)

  • 2022

    • Jan

      • 07

        • 17:56 — NOTES

          A weird side effect of my time using my new 14″ MacBook Pro, with its higher-density screen, for the last couple months: everything on my 5K monitor looks ginormous. 😂

      • 09

        • 19:04 — NOTES

          I have been using Raycast for my macOS launcher over the past few days (after having bounced back and forth between Spotlight and Alfred for the last decade). I am extremely sold: this is great. Snappy, good defaults, and extensibility? ✅

      • 15

        • 18:53 — NOTES

          I have known that clipboard history was a thing for ages. Until switching to Raycast from Alfred, though, it had never stuck. Now, just a week in, I don’t know how I ever worked without it; I felt positively hobbled on my iPad this evening. 😂