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        • 14:35 — NOTES

          One of the critical things Jira gets wrong — besides just generally having pretty bad information architecture — is that it treats issues as a tree instead of a graph. But that’s often not how projects and tasks actually relate to each other!

      • 25

        • 21:12 — NOTES

          Trying out cursor support on iPad OS 13.4 for the first time this evening, as well as having remapped Caps Lock to Ctrl (as it should be), and… the experience is simultaneously incredibly delightful and really, really weird. Weird in a good way, but weird.

  • 2021

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        • 09:25 — NOTES

          A thing you can do to make a good first impression with your CLI tools: make the --help output as fast as possible. If possible, keep it free of all I/O, and especially keep it free of network I/O.