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Everything I’ve written on the subject, from the beginning of this version of the site.

I may also have written on this on earlier versions of my website:

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  • 2021

    • Aug

      • 03

        • 21:10 — NOTES

          Am unreasonably excited about this Spitfire Audio Summer Sale purchase… and equally unreasonably impatient about the fact that the downloads will complete sometime after I’m asleep tonight. 🤣

          I think I’m now obliged to #OneOrchestra #BBCSOPro or something, right? 🎵

          image of the download
    • Nov

      • 11

        • 07:20 — NOTES

          Pro tip for triggering a good old beach ball on a shiny new M1 Max MacBook Pro (but not for that long, considering):

          Open a large orchestral score in Dorico and then apply the Spitfire BBC SO Pro playback template to it. 😂

          (To be clear: the results here are incredible, though — it just goes. Effortlessly. I can’t wait to see what it’s like running the Apple Silicon-native versions of these as they come out in the next few months.)

      • 26

        • 14:09 — NOTES

          Extremely fun Thanksgiving presents: Spitfire’s BBC Symphony Orchestra and Arturia’s Analog Lab V and Piano V2 instruments shipped Apple Silicon support. 🎉

      • 28

        • 16:56 — NOTES

          In high school and college, I used to joke that I wanted an orchestra I could just carry around in my bag and pull out to play for me at will. Virtual instrument libraries (and my budget!) have come far enough since then that… I basically have exactly that now.