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        • 17:25 ⚓︎ — NOTES

          I’ve spent a good chunk of this afternoon working through and tweaking and fixing some things about this website, and as much as I like 11ty, at this point I would love to be doing this work in Elm instead. A tool like elm-pages seems very appealing.

          As for why: I just spend a lot of time sad about JS sorry bro that’s undefined stuff and templates being totally type-unaware. Even something like Gatsby + TS would probably be better here, but Elm’s rigor and top-to-bottom integration of types and rendered HTML and CSS would be a huge win for the way I build websites.

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        • 16:07 ⚓︎ — NOTES

          I just updated the first entry in my This Week I Learned” series because I realized I’d left off a couple items I meant to include — the first items I bracketed for inclusion, in fact! What can I say? It was a long week. 😅

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        • 21:07 ⚓︎ — NOTES

          Apologies to folks who just got a bunch of posts in their feeds again. I finally figured out how to get Eleventy to treat my post dates correctly.

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        • 08:10 ⚓︎ — NOTES

          A pain point for would-be readers with the way I’ve designed this site: there’s no easy way for people to subscribe to just one specific topic at present. I can generate per-topic feeds… but I’m already seeing painfully-rapid growth in build times.

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        • 09:00 ⚓︎ — NOTES

          Status: I’m back to desperately wanting my own site engine. 11ty is incredibly flexible, and that’s great… but it gets slow very quickly if you’re generating large amounts of output. I will not shave this yak. I will not shave this yak. I will not…