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Everything I’ve written on the subject, from the beginning of this version of the site.

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        • 20:21 — NOTES

          This is, perhaps, a little odd, but: one of the little things I’m most excited about with Winning Slowly right now is that — at long last, and years overdue — we’re actually doing something with Patreon. We’ve had it, and had minor benefits for it for a long time. Now we’re taking it seriously: keeping it up to date, publishing extra materials there, etc. Crazy talk, I know!

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        • 20:02↩︎ —  — NOTES

          Mere Orthodoxy — “defending nuance and word counts on the internet since 2005” and my favorite Christian publication anywhere period at this point — has launched a Kickstarter! I’m proud to have been published in its pages a few times over the years, and hope that this crowdfunding campaign succeeds such that I can actually be published in its physical pages in the years ahead.